>week six

So I’m in the middle of week six. Which means nothing, really. The kidlet is about a 1/4 of an inch, which is kind of nifty. I’m not throwing up yet which is extra nifty. I am so tired I could sleep all day but I’m still getting exercise and good food in, so this is not a big deal. So all is well on the immediate front.

The idea of the kidlet itself, however, scares the living crap out of me. In talking about having kids with Andrew, I don’t think I ever once thought about, you know, raising them. It suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t having a baby; I was having a toddler/preteen/teen/grown-up real person. Eeep! This horrid thought came about while I was walking by an elementary school of screaming rotten children. I have since decided to push it aside and focus on other things. Like anything else.

In other news, I need a job. Not simply to get my mind off of thoughts like the one above, but also because from what I understand, kids cost some money. They can’t fend for themselves, see. Useless beings. So I need money for food, clothes, cloth diapers, etc. Thankfully, what little money I do have left I can’t spend because all the things worth buying right now (read: boots and jeans) are useless to a woman who doesn’t know what her size and comfort level is going to be like on any given day. Frustrating, but good really since I shouldn’t be buying silly things like that anyways (*sniffles over loss of boots that she never really had but dreamed of*).

Oh yes, and I tried a new chili recipe the other night. Delish! I’ll post it this evening when I can take some good pictures. Tonight it will be paired with spinach and possibly acorn squash although the squash looks questionable. And ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ tells me to avoid questionable foods (although I think they were referring to meat and poultry not acorn squash but whatever).


4 thoughts on “>week six

  1. >What to Expect When You're Expecting, I used to read that when I was babysitting as a teen. Good book. I can't wait to hear about the chili, and of course your exciting journey into parenthood.

  2. >If the nausea does set in there are some acupuncture bracelets you can get, probably in china town, that have helped friends in the past. Wish I'd known about them before I was pregnant cause my morning sickness was all the time sickness.Congrats again :)

  3. >Not a good book, imnsho. I call it "what to FrEAK out about when you're expecting" And the Recipe one was written by anti-fun fascists. (The first year one is worse and the toddler one – at least in a previous edition – made me vomit.)Check out Ina May Gaskin or Dr. Sears or the Today's Parent Best Evidence book or Ann Douglas' Mother of all Pregnancy books.

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