>ezmy goes to Montreal and then Kingston

Last Friday, I hoped on the Greyhound and went to Montreal to a) visit sexy AB and b) write a stupid standardized test. The test details are boring (except for the part where I walk all the way to the testing site only to realize I’ve forgotten the all important piece of paper that lets me write the damn test prompting me to curse loudly and run back to my hotel…fack fack fack). But the trip was a damn good time. Friday night, AB and I had some delish mussels (vegan what?) with knocchi at a nice little restaurant on St. Laurent. (I effing love Montreal. No matter where you go, the food is always good. Case in point: after the test, I stopped in at a hole in the wall coffee stand and had the most delightful bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (vegan salmon?)). Then we hopped over to a lounge of some sort with the biggest pink doors I’ve ever seen and had some tasty wino. Lots of catching up, lots of bitching about the unrealistic expectations of society for people our age (why on Earth can’t I still be figuring my shit out anyways?) and so on. I couldn’t go all out because, well, I had that pesky test. But a good night nonetheless.

Saturday and Sunday post-test were much more fun in that I was much more relaxed. Saturday I had the most orgasmic sushi roll ever. Seriously, no other sushi on the planet compares to this roll. It was one of those things where after one bite, I needed a moment to comprehend the taste sensation in my mouth. Madness. Add to this the fact that AB and I both found kickass cheap boots before dinner and that after dinner I discovered a delightful little 8.5% microbrew beer that could lift a house and well, that’s a rockin’ Saturday night. And then on Sunday I poked around Montreal with AB and her man and found a fantastic jacket by Schwiing (see logo above). Love – this – jacket. A. does not. Well, that’s not entirely fair. He likes the look of the jacket but he hates how long it takes me to put on. It has an interesting and random combination of snaps and buttons which, when done up, look spectacular but which also require some serious concentration. Ah well, it’s still perfect.

In the end, I was sad to leave Montreal, with its fantastic food, stellar shopping districts, and my sexy AB. Sure A., Zoe, and my favourite apartment were waiting for me on the other end, but Ottawa is still a boring ol’ government town, a fact made more noticeable after a weekend away in one of Canada’s best cities. Boo. I see plenty of visits in my future.

After Montreal, I was supposed to be cracking down this week, finding a job and finishing details on my MA thesis (which haunts me to this day). This proved exceptionally difficult for reasons I won’t get into at present. I did, however, get all of my errands done which is an accomplishment in itself, I think. And I did try to find work, although there isn’t much work to be found. Effing recession is still hurting employment opportunities for non-francais speaking individuals in Ottawa. Ah well. Today and this weekend will hopefully be more productive. I’m in Kingston until Monday and Kingston has plenty of jazzy coffee shops in which to work. Today’s shop: a predictable Sbux. But tomorrow I’m going to check out a hippy-looking spot that boasts free wifi and tasty sandwiches. Woot!


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