>parties and socks

>So the coffeecake is a no go for the next couple of days – the faux sour cream made it’s way onto more than a few chips and there was not enough left for cake. Ah well. I’ve had a slow couple of days, cooking wise. I remade the tomato soup (still awesome) and remade a lentil stew (still awesome) and today looks to be leftover day. I promise to try new recipes tomorrow. I’m thinking a pie of some sort might be in order…

In lieu of recipe posts, I’ve decided to post (terrible) pictures of my shiny new Miss Knit socks!! Miss Knit is a good friend whose blog is attached to this one. She is the queen bee of knitting and decided to send surprise socks to lucky me. Yayaya! I loves them. So pretty and so warm.

These are happy feet!

The socks arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to cheer me up from the post-party blues. Thursday night, you see, MM, LG and the ladies threw me a ‘You’re Engaged!’ party. Twas glorious, complete with ‘bride to be’ ribbon, ‘i do’ napkins, tiaras, and ticky tacky heart-covered sequin garland. Fantastic!! We opened prezzies, drank wine, ate nibblies, and played ‘Block Drunk’, MM’s version of drinking Jenga. The night was perfect.

But this morning, I woke up with the post-excitement blues. Nothing to look forward to for a bit except thesis-ing and marking (this is actually not true; I have heaps to look forward to but as none of it was happening thatminute, I was feeling blue). And I suddenly missed A. something fierce. Sensible Healthy Ezmy realized that a walk was in order, but when I went downstairs, I noticed a spiffy package in my mailbox.

So yaya for cheery red Miss Knit socks! They saved the day!


One thought on “>parties and socks

  1. >Huzzah for saving the day! I’m just super happy that you like them. And you’ve discovered the secret to getting a knitter to knit for you again – compliments. You’re on the official list of folks that get knits :)

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