>I’m 26 and this is all I have.

In preparation for the big move, I am going through my possessions, trying to figure out what is crap but worth keeping and what is truly crap. It has come to my attention that I am a terrible deal in this little move-in relationship thing. How so? Well let’s see….

Here’s what I bring to my relationship:
-a great cat
-my smiling self
-1 billion dollars in debt
-1 spiffy coffee mug with a shoe on it
-various clothes and shoes
-two rubbermaid containers full of yearbooks, photos, artwork and books.
-a bitter, jaded, evil twin who is prone to fits of rage and extensive political rants.

Here’s what A. brings to our relationship:
-a great cat
-his smarmy self
-less than a billion dollars in debt.
-a TV
-a Playstation
-better books including the Harry Potters I haven’t read yet
-a toaster
-a microwave
-a futon
-fabulous cooking skills

You see? I’m useless and debt-ridden. So sexy. I could say that there is probably something wrong with A. for wanting to move in with me, but I think it’s more that I’ve managed to fool him into thinking that I’m a well-balanced individual. Or some such thing. Poor A..


3 thoughts on “>I’m 26 and this is all I have.

  1. >Good luck on your move. And I take it you finished the thesis then… well done. (I wouldn’t mind an electronic copy, if you don’t mind sending it!)

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