>100 things to know about me.

>1. My full name is Angela Caroline Livingstone.
2. My nickname in highschool was ‘goat’
3. I hated my nickname in highschool almost as much as I hated highschool.
4. But not as much as I hated middle school.
5. I grew up in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.
6. I initiated my first kiss because my boyfriend took too long.
7. I was nine.
8. I had five boyfriends in grade seven and didn’t like any of them except the last one.
9. I broke up with him after I got a bad haircut so that he wouldn’t do it first.
10. I left the break up message on his parents answering machine.
11. We dated again in highschool for three years.
12. I had a crush on Kate Moss in highschool.
13. I won second place in the Solo Vocal competition at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho.
14. I was an honours student but told people that I failed stuff so they wouldn’t bother me.
15. I smoked a pack a day in highschool.
16. I don’t know how I was able to afford that.
17. I hated gym with the passion of a thousand burning suns.
18. I was ready for university at 15.
19. But the urge left me at 17.
20. I went to the University of Victoria for two years.
21. I can count the number of times I went to class in that time on two hands.
22. I got drunk for the first time when I was 14 but it was an accident.
23. I didn’t drink again until I was 19.
24. I have never tried: ecstasy, heroin, lsd, or mushrooms.
25. I moved to Toronto when I was 19.
26. I had 1000$ in my pocket and nothing else.
27. I often had to ‘jump’ the GO Train to get to work.
28. I spent one night stranded on the streets of Toronto because I missed my train and couldn’t afford a cab home to Port Credit.
29. I worked for William Ashley China Company and they made me change my name to ‘Sharon’ because they already had an Angela working there.
30. I quit after a week.
31. I dated a 40yr old bartender briefly when I was 20.
32. I love Guiness.
33. I worked for the Gap on Queen.
34. I only did it for the discount.
35. I applied for a job at Lettieri Café because I had a crush on the owner.
36. I got the job but the owner turned out to be a sexist jerk.
37. I didn’t know myself in Toronto.
38. I worked at a goth bar called Zen Lounge.
39. My boss bought me a vibrator for xmas.
40. I lived with two strippers and a fabulous lady named Ayns.
41. I went to hairschool.
42. I hated hairschool so much that the thought of it still makes me cry.
43. I really wanted to teach yoga.
44. But I didn’t think I’d be good at it.
45. I didn’t think I was smart enough for university.
46. I applied to Acadia because it was far away from Toronto.
47. I almost didn’t go because I was offered an assistant manager position at Starbucks.
48. I’m glad I came to Acadia.
49. My GPA was 1.8 when I got to Acadia. I had a 3.85 my last semester here.
50. I majored in political science at Acadia because a customer at the hair school thought I would be good at it.
51. In my time at Acadia, I have had a crush on four professors: Dr. Duke, Dr. Dennis, and both Dr. Franceschets.
52. I love spicy food.
53. I met my first live-in boyfriend in residence at Acadia.
54. Our first date was at DQ.
55. We moved in together in May 2004.
56. He moved out in April 2006.
57. I can’t listen to Coldplay because of the memories that make me sad.
58. I learned the most about life and myself from my last relationship but some of that has hurt my new one.
59. I have a ridiculous fear of earwigs.
60. I don’t mind spiders.
61. I don’t have many close female friends but the ones I have are amazing.
62. I hate when people don’t understand line-ups.
63. Some people are confused about my sexuality.
64. I don’t blame them.
65. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but they’ve been good for me long term.
66. I used to think I needed to have kids to justify my existence.
67. I used to think I could never get married because I thought I would feel like somebody else owned me.
68. I’ve never wanted to change my last name. I never will.
69. I have a pet cat.
70. Her name is Zoe.
71. I also have a shiny new boyfriend.
72. His name is A..
73. I worry that he’s eventually going to realize that he’s made a terrible mistake.
74. I love when he makes me mixed cds.
75. And the fact that he understands my coffee addiction.
76. I haven’t had a panic attack in months.
77. I love red wine but have developed a taste for white.
78. I would eat red curry every day if I could.
79. I’m lactose intolerant.
80. I didn’t figure that out until a year ago.
81. I was in a lot of pain for a long time.
82. I still eat cheese and chocolate because I just don’t care.
83. I have to wear ankle socks otherwise my circulation gets cut off and my ankles get huge.
84. I used to act and I really liked it.
85. I have dodged a couple of bullets.
86. I like walking alone.
87. I tried being vegan but I missed seafood.
88. I drink three cups of coffee per day.
89. I love soy milk before bed.
90. I hate going to bed in an unmade bed.
91. I miss my short hair.
92. I miss my piercings.
93. I hate my thesis.
94. But I still want people to read it.
95. I’m moving to Ottawa in 5 days.
96. I think this is the best decision I’ve made in years.
97. I’m going to miss Wolfville.
98. I sometimes wish I could do this year over because I know I could have done it better.
99. But then I might not have met A..
100. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.


6 thoughts on “>100 things to know about me.

  1. >wow, i really really love this list. i think it’s the best 100 things list i’ve ever read. i feel like i’ve found out so much about you. i also relate to many of the things you wrote here, including the fact that you don’t have many female friends. i’d say 90% of my friends are male. also, my sexuality is a complicated mess, but i love it. i’m bisexual, sometimes polyamorous, sometimes nothing, a tomboy in a femme guise. anyhoo, you rock!

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