>just scream

I don’t know who this is but this is how I feel. I’m not upset mind you. Just really want to scream. Scream with frustration at my life and where I’m at and where I’m going and scream with excitement over the new experiences I’m bound to have now and the endless possibilities. Scream with joy at the idea of being able to just live how I want, when I want. Scream with anger at the fact that my previous plans were ripped away from me (even though I realize that they probably weren’t the right plans anyways).

I just want to scream. But at 25, screaming for no reason, or too many reasons, is not as publicly acceptable as it was when I was 3. I need to sing again or something. Anything to let out the noise in my head.


3 thoughts on “>just scream

  1. >1.) Go into your car and scream .. it tends not to worry people as much as screaming in a building. Pounding on the steering wheel is also there.2.) Consider throwing dishes at a safe wall. You have to be picky, so as not to cause alarm, but it can be verrrrrrrrrry satisfying.

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