>Goings on in Wolfvegas

Today was spent in the political science office (aka the bunker). The university has decided that political science honours/masters students are not worthy of heat (or windows for that matter) so I froze my buns off (thank you Rivers for the sweater – mucho appreciated). I congratulated myself on a day of writing with a massive chocolate bar which I told myself I would eat over a few days, thus justifying its expense. Who the hell was I kidding?

Odd things happening outside my apartment tonight. First there was the lady who pulled up in her car and essentially sat on her car horn for over a minute and then yelled out someone’s name impatiently and told the person to “bring her f*#!ing stuff” with her. This sort of thing always irritates me. Get out of the car and knock on the door people and for gods sake don’t shout out profanities. Yeesh. But oddest of odd was the police car that sat outside my apartment for 45 minutes, 15 of which the policeman was in the car along with some character, who lives in my building, in the backseat. What were they doing? Chatting?

I’m wondering if my neighbourhood is going to pot. Do I live in the seedy part of a town of 3000? Are there drug deals or something going on in my apartment? Huh. My imagination is now running wild and it’s unlikely that I will sleep tonight. I wish I had trained Zoe to attack on command. Unfortunately she’s more likely to lick the person. Sigh.

In other news, I’m under attack. By both baby ants and giant spiders (oddly you’d think that the latter would take care of the former but no). Both have decided that the element of surprise is best, which means that the neighbours probably think I’m crazy because I keep shouting AHH. Baby ants just creep me out because they seem to come from nowhere and where there’s one, there’s a billion. But giant spiders REALLY freak me out. These ones are particularly creepy. Most unnerving is that Zoe doesn’t eat ants and only plays with the giant spiders then let’s them get away. Sigh again.


5 thoughts on “>Goings on in Wolfvegas

  1. >Thanks for the link.I once watched two police officers arrest a man who kept loudly describing himself as “a big f#$kin’ indian!” from an apartment window. TV just can’t compete.

  2. >We have two kinds of ants here– tiny living room ants and great big, cat food eating ants in the kitchen. :-( Be grateful that it’s cold in the office, instead of so hot that timbits cooked and the metal on the door was hot to the touch. It wasn’t pleasant.

  3. >Holy crap – giant spiders would have me trapped for weeks in the apartment, unable to move towards the door! Ahh…just the thought freaks me out.

  4. >It could be worse… there could be snakes.That said, I love snakes… and am, in fact, the most likely to ensure that at least ONCE this summer, a reptile will be making an appearence in our area of Draconian temperature.Should be hot.Or cold.

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