>Blueberry Muffin Addiction

I have a blueberry muffin addiction. But not just any blueberry muffin. “Just Us” blueberry muffins. I tried to save money by baking my own – no. I tried to save money by purchasing muffins at the grocery store – no. And I tried to save money by purchasing muffins from Timmy’s – no. Nope, I need the ridiculously over-priced (yet organic) blueberry muffins from “Just Us”. Need is probably the wrong word. I mean I won’t DIE without them. But my morning feels all wrong.

I’m in class right now (ah the joys of a wireless classroom…). Talking about communist China. And all I can think about is whether or not I can leave and purchase my blueberry muffin and get back in time to make it look like I just went to the washroom. I don’t think it’s possible. Sigh.

*note: If you do not know who the above character is, you had a deprived childhood.


6 thoughts on “>Blueberry Muffin Addiction

  1. >Is it wrong that when I was a kid, I just liked smelling Strawberry Shortcake? (c’mon, it was strawberry *shortcake*!!) I’m glad to see you are feeling better – I wanted to drop a comment before taking off. BTW, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve shamelessly stolen all your favorite blogs: thanks for introducing me to Company Bitch and Crystal at SASL – awesome! :)

  2. >Don’t know the character. I DID live a deprived childhood as far as TV was concerned. As you know, I was even banned from Spiderman at age 5 when my mother caught me climbing the trim of our 11 foot ceilings and was banned from transformers after melting the fusebox in one of my robot-inspired engineering experiments. However, this looks like a rather insipid character, but maybe Mom could explain….

  3. >david: thanks for the clarification :Pyour poor mother. it’s a wonder she managed to make it through the four of you without turning to drink.daknees: nothing wrong with that…i did the same thing. my sister had the blueberry muffin doll and i LOVED the smell of it. isn’t the company bitch fantastic!?

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