>oh customer service.

I was reading Vesper’s blog and it reminded me of my past fourteen years of customer experience….it also reminded of the unfortunate fact that I will have to return to customer service shortly (because let’s face it, a political science degree, even one with a shiny ‘h’ tagged on, ain’t going to get me far). While reminiscing, I thought about all of the crazy things that were returned to me at my last job by looney bin customers:

1) Shampoo because “it’s broken”. Granted, shampoo can sometimes suck and perhaps you should return it when it does, but shampoo cannot be “broken”. And even if it could be, why did it take you 3/4 of a bottle to figure that out?

2) Dental Floss, again because it was “broken”.

3) Used breast pump with breastmilk still in it. A lot of breastmilk. I mean there is a baby out there somewhere who missed out on lunch and dinner. No receipt.

4) Half a tube of lipstick because it was the “wrong colour”. Again, this I get but why did it take you half the tube to figure this out? Did you try it with every single outfit? No receipt.

and my all time favourite:

5) Three packages of used razor blades (30 razors) that were apparently all used when she went to open the packages. Woman calls the store, says she was in earlier and picked up THREE bags of 10 razors. Says that she didn’t notice until she got home that all THREE bags were opened and all THIRTY razors were used. As I’m choking back the laughter I ask “well, do you have the receipt?” “OF COURSE I dont’ have the receipt!” she replies indignantly, “they’re RAZORS”.



6 thoughts on “>oh customer service.

  1. >OOOhhh my. That razor story is BAD. We can all complain about retail…and I will…gladly…however, there’s going to be something about every single profession or job or aspect of life that sucks MAJORLY.And we will complain. And that is good. :)

  2. >Angela, you have a tonne of great/horrifying customer service stories. I think the ‘Shoppers dump’, and the car threw the coffee shop window are the best I’ve heard. I wonder if any of those things were done on dares… Back in my jr. high skater punk days we messed with customer service folk like that. It just seems to me that nobody could do the razor thing in seriousness. Oi.

  3. >Haha, I could share some gross nursing stories. But I don’t get mad when people get mad at me when I am there nurse. I would be crabby too if I was stuck in a hospital.

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