>I’m cheating on Coffee with an Earl.

What, I ask you, did people DO before there was earl grey tea? Seriously. Nothing is more comforting than a cup of EG when you’re sick.

And I’m sick.

I’m convinced that there is a cold conspiracy. I think colds get together (with the bacterial infections and the viruses) at conferences each term and map out my timetable. Then they are each assigned a time to attack me, generally right before a paper is due. But not the night before, not when I could get a note to excuse it. Always the week before when I’m trying to concentrate on research.



4 thoughts on “>I’m cheating on Coffee with an Earl.

  1. >Huh, well, I’m getting it from you… and it appears we have an idea of where you got it from… so with a little more investigation perhaps we’ll be able to track the damn thing back to the source and solve the mystery! Or perhaps it’s time for bed.

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