Out with the old

Good gods what a year, eh? I honestly can’t even. I mean heaps of awesome stuff happened (new life in Canada, new friends, new jobs, new school). But what the actual crap was going on with everybody else? Yikes.

My resolutions for last year were remarkably vague, which experts (read: interweb people) tell me is no way to ensure success. And I was generally only half-ass successful. I blame Trump. This year, it’s back to specifics! *insert drum roll* Here they are, this year’s shiny resolutions *insert more drum roll*….

1) Learn how to make ridiculously good chicken noodle soup. 

2) Sing in public.

3) No work between 5 and 7pm – only kids.

4) Reserve 1 hour each day for exercise of some kind. Any kind. 

5) Go dairy-free except for VERY special occasions/unavoidable situations in which I would otherwise starve. Honestly, it’s ridiculous that it has taken until 2017 to get to this one.

6) Create a new budget.

7) Sleep. Do I need to check Facebook/Instagram/Jezebel at 11:30pm? The answer is no.

8) Get screened for that stupid breast cancer gene that appears to be haunting my family.

9) Ride my bike to school. I’m shooting for one time here since I’ve never ridden that far.

10) Write a letter each week. 


Happy 2017, everybody! Live long and prosper.


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