Summer reboot

I’ve made a real effort in the last few months to put myself out there, go to new places, meet new people, and spend heaps of quality time with friends and family. Lots of play dates, coffee dates, crazy art projects with the kids, random drives around to find random shops, evenings out with friends, and family explorations to the north and south of Israel. And it’s really paid off – we’re all super busy, but in a good way, and everyone seems happy and settled in. The end of the school year is upon us, and I can feel Budsie’s excitement about the end of year events, and the coming summer awesomeness. I’m kind of excited about it myself – a family vacation, some museum trips, activity books, countless movies, and a whole book of science experiments to get us through the wretched hot months of June, July and August. Should be good times.

In spite of all this effort and excitement, however, I feel a little out of date, in mind, body and spirit. I need a reboot if I’m going to maintain the same energy and enthusiasm from the first half of 2015 through my least favourite time of the year: summer. (Ugh, I cannot STAND summer. Hot and sunny and hot and uuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrgh. Most people I know hibernate in the winter, but I want to hibernate in the summer, when it is much less socially acceptable to do so. But the beach! you say. TOO HOT, I say. But the beautiful sun! you say. NO JUST NO, I say.)

Right, so yes, a reboot is in order. I am in desperate need of a hair cut – something wild and fun – and I could do with a wardrobe switch. Any and all advice on these fronts is welcome (I did buy shorts the other day. I hate shorts, but they are just plain necessary here. This particular pair is flowery and drawstring like pajamas, which makes this pair mildly more tolerable than your average pair of shorts. Also a tad uglier. Anyway.). I also really need to make the switch to summer time workouts and eating (low key and light). I’ll get to all of it, I will, but I just haven’t yet, and this is annoying because I can feel myself being held back by myself. I can feel myself holding on to the last shreds of spring air that blow about for 30 seconds in the morning here. I want to cling to my boots, my jeans, long runs, and the warm meals and baked goods of cooler times, all of which I love, and none of which are possible in the unforgiving Israel heat. Sigh.

Ah well. In order to make the most of this terrible heat, I think I’ll start by making some iced coffee for tomorrow morning’s bus drop off. And then maybe peruse the mags for some new hair ideas…


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