I make resolutions. Some people think they are lame. I find them motivating and helpful on days when I’m losing track of myself. Which is to say often. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Knit more, and not just presents for others. I’d like to knit myself a ridiculous hat, a dramatic cape/shawl for around the house, and arm length fingerless gloves. The gloves WILL happen.

2) Communicate. Always my trickiest one. Some people have weight loss as their yearly thing, my thing is communication. I will write more letters, return more emails, actually phone people.

3) Get another tattoo (or four). I’m planning on one post next race, but there are others. I always want more, but can never justify the money. But you know what? I don’t get manicures, I don’t colour my hair anymore…this, this can be my personal thing.

4) Clean out the office and reorganize it. Annihilate all paper piles, random bags of donation chunk, etc. Create a workspace.

5) Run two races. I was hoping for a half marathon in February, but because I’ve been sick, I’m behind on training. So perhaps 10k in February, half at some other point in the year? I’ll figure it out.

6) Try a new outdoor activity. I’m thinking surfing or rock-climbing.

7) Drive to Jerusalem. People who know me here know that I have a ridiculous fear of driving on the highway, but you know what? I’ve driven to Tel Aviv, I’ve driven to Netanya. I’m getting there. Jerusalem is next.

8) Eat more greens. I’ve been slipping for some reason, and there’s really no excuse because I force feed the kids vegetables every day. And overall, I’m eating pretty well. But I’m going to shoot for 7 servings of veg each day.

9) Apply to law schools, including a couple of dream schools just to see.

10) Live positively with perspective. I’m a billion times better at this than I was, but vigilance is key. Everything is Awesome!! And even when it’s not, it’s ok. Get out there, do the best you can, and relax. Go 2015!!


3 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. I made goals, sort of like resolutions except without the guilt if I fall off the bandwagon. Hope you’ve been well and that 2015 is doing you good! :)

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