skyrim conversation #4

(Scene: Ezmy is making frosting for her tequila cupcakes. And maybe sipping the tequila…what?! Someone has to make sure it’s not spoiled! Anyway, A. is, unsurprisingly, taking this opportunity to play Skyrim)

A.: “OHMIGOD THAT WAS SO BADASS! I can’t even…I can’t…that was just so BADASS!”

Ezmy: “What did you do?”

A.: *highlights place where dragon used to be* “I killed it…and, and it fell off…and it fell. It was INCREDIBLE!”

Ezmy: “…”

A.: “And nobody seems to give a shit.” *gestures towards television* “Nobody seems to give anything even resembling a shit.”

(A. glares disapprovingly at the other characters on the screen for a few moments)

A.: *talks to game* “Look at you, sashaying around like there’s nothing going on. That was BADASS!”

(Ezmy resumes frosting mixing and tequila testing)


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