august 7: cleaning the desktop

A note about yesterday: enormous thanks go out to the lovely LG for sprucing up what could have been a very dull Saturday night. Giant Coronas and chit chat? Love it.

While trying to find a file on our desktop today, I suddenly became mildly irritated about the state of our computer. Random photos and files scattered all over the screen. Heaps of the folders are titled ‘to sort’ or ‘random’ or ‘sort later’ (odd to not have just one ‘to sort’ folder…sigh). Crazy shortcuts for programs we never use. Etc.

But what began as a mild irritation developed rapidly into full-blown frustration and light rage when I realized I couldn’t find the file I wanted. I also didn’t have a good search term to plug in so nothing was coming up on the find file front either. That’s it! Today’s resolution: organize the desktop. Photos in albums, files in appropriately named folders, shortcuts deleted. I wonder what I’ll find during this little organizing project…

*2 hours later*

Zoe! The best picture of my short legged little kitty playing with a catnip sock. Isn’t she the sweetest? Also found: 8 copies of my resume. Totally necessary. Pfft. I ultimately deleted 392 items from this computer, including several incriminating photographs of wouldn’t you like to know what. I feel lighter already.



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