july 31: adventures in caulking *snicker*

As mentioned before, our downstairs bathroom needs a bit of work. But the now immediate concern is the black cloak that our tub has decided to make for itself. Standing in the corner of our bathroom staring daggers at the tub will not make that cloak go away, this much I know. I also know that there are two reasons why this damn cloak is being made: either a) the tub is feeling cold/over-exposed and wants to cover up or b) the prior owners of this tub put the wrong kind of caulking around the base of the tacky wall tile. While our tub has made musings about feeling too naked (lack of tub toys etc.), I suspect that the root of the problem is b). Sigh.

So today’s resolution is to remove the black cloak and to re-caulk the tub. With the help of A. and Frenchie of course. I managed to peel 85% of the old crap off before running out of arm strength so A. took over (during this step we discovered that yep, someone put shitty non-bathroomy caulking on the tub. Fail). The next step was to bleach the crap out of the tub just in case any leftover cloak was lurking around. Now I’m waiting for Frenchie to arrive with a tube of caulking (*snicker* look I waited until now to laugh…maturity!) and then I shall try my hand at more of this Ms. Fix-it stuff. Perhaps I’ll see if one of the guys can take a picture…



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