july 30: catching up again

First, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my darling sister-in-law, PL. She’s one classy doll.

Second, HOLY CRAP IT’S BEEN MORE THAN ONE WEEK SINCE I POSTED LAST. What have I been doing you ask? Well:

July 22: a Friday and so a pizza night. This week’s was EXTREMELY disappointing because I somehow didn’t put enough salt in the crust (absentmindedness brought on by excessive exposure to humid weather) and ended up with a bland flour disc. Thank goodness for tasty portobello mushrooms is all I can say. Anyway, the new resolution for Friday was to go to bed before midnight and I failed miserably.

July 23: a Saturday spent largely in recovery because someone decided that he wanted to hang out from 3am-5am. If you guessed A., you’re obviously correct. No resolution on this day. No anything on this day except sleep, work, and coffee.

July 24: Sunday coffee with ER and LG. Test drove a pair of shoes from Payless which were Painful. Resolved to write one chapter for book. Very successful.

July 25: Sexy AB arrives for a visit but before she gets here I manage to find time to reorganize a section of my closet such that my purses are no longer gathering dust on the floor with my boots. They now have a spiffy shelf all their own!

July 26: resolved to yoga it up even with company here. I was successful but it was a dumb idea as I was exhausted for the rest of the day. Note to self: consider the arrival of company an arrival of vacation from working out.

July 27: Went to The Works with Sexy AB and tried a brand new burger that was way out of my comfort zone. The triple threat with a veggie burger and bacon (you read that right)? AWESOMEST BURGER EVER. Nom.

July 28: post-Sexy AB visit and therefore slightly blue. Picked up spirits by busting out some puzzle-ing good times with Budsie. Resolved to remember to fill my adorable butter dish as there are few things more frustrating then making toast for toast with jam and realizing that your butter is harder than steel.

July 29: wicked good night with AH and KM at Quinn’s Pub. But before these wicked good times, resolved to bust out of my earring rut and wear a pair that I hadn’t in ages. Success but I remember now why I never wear them – too heavy. Meant for elephant ears or something. Ah well.

And today’s resolution is easy – pick out some prezzies for my brother’s soon-to-be-born baby boy. Baby shopping? An awesome way to spend a Saturday I think.

I’ll have more interesting things to say tomorrow. Now I must be off to work some more and then I have a park date with my boys.


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