july 5: vegetables for breakfast

The disappointing results of my vegetable tracker a couple of weeks ago prompted me to rethink how and when I eat vegetables. I’ve spent much of my adult life associating breakfast with fruit and pastry (main of pastry, side of fruit). But I love vegetables and who’s to say they wouldn’t taste great at brekkie? So that’s today’s resolution: vegetables for breakfast. This morning, I added one cup of bok choy to my scrambled eggs and it was deeeelightful. Nom nom nom.

Update on previous resolutions: Right, so I’ve been doing yoga almost every single day for a few months now and may I just say: WOW! If you aren’t doing 30 minutes of yoga each day, you are missing out. Even on days when I get absolutely no sleep, 30 minutes of yoga can put the bounce back in my sleepy step. Rids me of bad moods, crushes depression, and generally rocks my namaste socks.



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