july 4: mums and royals and tennis oh my!

Yep, so it’s been a busy couple of days. My mum came back from Europe and now officially lives in Ottawa – madness. Her and Frenchie stayed with us for a week before their house was ready though, hence the lack of posting. Then Will and Kate arrived, which really didn’t impact my life except that I took a sudden and surprising interest in what Kate was wearing. Huh. And then Canada Day! Check out this cuteness:

OMG so cute. And then the weekend was Wimbledon finals (poor Sharapova and Nadal). A busy past few days.

But I’m back again so we’ll jump right into today’s resolution because I have a few other writing projects I need to catch up on. Resolution for today: hang up the birdseed bell that is sitting on the railing of our patio growing sadder by the day. Poor little birdseed bell. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago thinking that we had a hook in our backyard to hang it. We don’t. How am I dreaming up hooks in my head? Sigh. Anyway, the raccoons have started to take an active interest in it so it must go up. Today.

Update on previous resolutions: well clearly I’m sucking at the regular posting these days but the coffee reduction is going very well as is the sugar reduction. Pizza Friday didn’t happen because of the Canada Day bbq at our place but this week I’m thinking of making a spicy pizza crust with pineapple, mozzarella, mushrooms and spicy sauce. Nom.


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