may 30: shower alone

When A. went back to work, showers became….challenging. Some babies like to go in the shower with the parent in question. My child screamed like a banshee when I tried this. So from three months until he started taking rolling around seriously, I would plunk him on the bath mat with his Sophie Giraffe and spend 75% of my shower time performing puppet shows with Mr. Shampoo and Mr. Conditioner and narrating my entire shower experience. When the rolling around became serious enough business that leaving him on the floor wasn’t an option, I started using his activity chair. About two months ago, the activity chair was problematic because Mr. Budsie was able to launch himself forward in it and flip the chair. Sigh. We still had his crib in our room though and since the bathroom is attached to our bedroom, I plunked him in the crib with a bunch of blocks and shouted encouraging words from the shower.

Now, however, Budsie is in his own room, which is located down the hall from the bathroom. Not a long hall, mind you, but long enough that shouting is impractical. Hmmm. Time to take the plunge, methinks. Today’s resolution is to shower alone. That is, put Budsie in his crib in his room with his toys and then say “Mummy will be right back” and head off to the bathroom all by my lonesome. I’m sure it will be fine. The odds of him discovering how to make fire with his stackable cups are unlikely as are the odds of him learning how to stand, dis-assemble his crib and run out into the street. At least not in the time it takes me to have a shower. So I’m going to try it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update on previous resolutions: as part of the use up what is left in the pantry resolution, I’m icing all of my teas. Well, except for my emergency stash of Irish Breakfast for mornings when I run out of coffee (which has only happened once since the resolution not to *pats self on back*). First up today is the raspberry leaf tea from when I was pregnant. We have a box in the tea cupboard leftover from my nausea in the second trimester, before I was told to avoid it like bubonic plague in my third trimester. I have to admit, I still get nervous when I look at the box. Like drinking this tea is going to a) make me instantly pregnant and b) throw me into labour to deliver the baby that was suddenly put in me by the tea. Obvious madness. Oh yes and tonight’s dessert? Baked apples with cinnamon, which I think the kid will like too. Tasty times at Ezmy’s house!


6 thoughts on “may 30: shower alone

    • yeah no, he can totally tip himself over in that. But the crib in his room worked just fine! He was happy as all get out and didn’t seem to notice that I was gone. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that…

  1. Yes, do it! And then tell me it would be okay to put Freja in her room for five minutes while I shower. I was fine with the crib thing but for some reason shutting her in her room that she is shut in for 12-13 hours a day anyways seems wrong.

    • It would be okay…I think? I really don’t know. I’m convinced he’s going to learn some new trick that I haven’t thought of and manage to bump himself off. I don’t know what I’ll do when he’s almost 2…

  2. He can tip over a high chair? That dude has talent!
    J would bring toys in and play on the bathroom floor when she tired of showering with me, but I think she was older and less into licking toilets when we got to that stage.

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