may 29: make dessert

(forgot to post…maybe I should resolve to post things on time…meh)

Growing up, we always had dessert. Even though I grew up in a house with no sugary cereal and very little processed food, my mum in particular was very big on dessert of some kind, be it oranges with a teensy spoonful of ice cream or one square of chocolate. It was the thing to look forward to, the thing that kept hope alive while you worked your way through that mountain of broccoli.

When I moved out on my own, dessert disappeared. For a couple of reasons, really. To begin with, I couldn’t afford it – dessert was bonus food and cigarettes were more important that bonus food. In addition, most of the crap jobs I worked at included bonuses like *free* pastries, so ‘dessert’ as an end to a meal didn’t exist but I consumed more than enough sugary awesomeness to make up for it.

Lately I’ve been noticing that I give Budsie dessert at night. He eats whatever we’re having for dinner and then I say “how about some fruit?” and he gets all jazzed and plows his way through an orange or a pear or a handful of blueberries. I have no idea how this dessert for the boy tradition started but I’m going to run with it. I miss having a little something fun at the end of dinner and I think it could be something that I look forward too at the end of a long day of healthy eating. So today’s resolution: make dessert. Fialonia and her French Chemist are coming for dinner tonight so first up on the make dessert list: blueberry and peach cobbler with cream. Tomorrow I’m thinking something with apples…



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