may 10: patience, my dear.

On the whole, I’d say I’m a pretty patient person. I’d really have to be, given the kind of jobs I’ve had and managed to not get fired from. Only the most patient of individuals could work at a coffee shop that has no menu and frequently runs out of the ingredients to make coffee, or a Thai restaurant that has no one to answer the phone for delivery orders on a Friday night, or a clothing store for pre-teen girls, or a china shop that makes you change your name, or a 50’s diner that only ever has half the menu in the kitchen, or Senior’s Day at a Shopper’s Drug Mart, or 40% off days at The Gap, or any day at Starbucks. Not only have I worked at all of these jobs and more, I’ve managed to not kill a single customer AND get promoted. Amazing. And a sign of infinite patience.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, the thing that pushes me over the edge is not explaining for the billionth time that we don’t have mussels even though they are on the menu, it is not listening to complaints about lattes being 2 degrees warmer than ordered, it is not people trying to return “broken” shampoo, and it is not wrestling with homeless people who are hell bent on stealing the cream from the milk station. Nope, the thing that pushes me over the edge goes by the name of Budsie The Napless Wonder, aka Budsie the Punisher or Budsie the Mother-Hater. How one tiny person can cause me so much frustration is beyond me. And the thing is, it’s not his fault. Of course it’s not his fault. He’s a baby, for crying out loud, and a damn good one at that. He’s just going through a phase where he wants to switch his long nap to the afternoon and this is causing a momentary time of morning grumpies. And I know this. So why do I get so frustrated with him? I have no idea. Maybe it’s lack of sleep, maybe it’s pent up frustration at myself for completely unrelated things, maybe it’s all the frustration from those terrible jobs finally coming home to roost. Who knows. But it’s not fair to the kid so today’s resolution: try to be more patient with Budsie Bumpkin. Because he’s an awesome kid and doesn’t deserve a mother who sighs or sounds sharp when there really is no reason to sigh or sound sharp. Patience, dear Ezmy. Patience.

Update on previous resolutions: The sitting is going well. The crow pose is not.


3 thoughts on “may 10: patience, my dear.

    • Thanks. Every time Mr. Rodney Yee launches into the crow with ease and tells me to “breathe easy”, I want to punch him in the face. Not very yoga-y of me, but there you go. I will prevail!!

  1. Budsie the Punisher needs to meet up again with The Snackasaurus, Isaac, He of the Hollow Legs. You can slip your kid a tranquilizer and I’ll give mine some boobs on a stick and we can run away for a mommy break. Just an idea. . . .
    And anyone who has ever worked a Senior’s Day at Shoppers Drug Mart on a cheque week deserves a shiny gold star. Oh the memories are flooding back . . ..

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