apr. 28: welcome to ezmy’s – please hang your coat on the…stroller.

Today has been an odd day. Well actually, it started last night with unnerving emails that continued into my Thursday. I do not like things getting in the way of my awesome Thursdays, and this did upset my morning. But it wasn’t just unnerving emails. I seemed off all day, trying to pour unboiled water into the Bodum, unable to bake and make breakfast at the same time (a skill I thought I had mastered), forgetting to put shoes on Budsie when we left the house, emailing A. but using the complete wrong email address, etc. I blame the wind. Knocked me off kilter.

Things should clear up tonight though. The darling EH is visiting, which means wine and rants and loveliness. Woot. However, in tidying for our guest, I realized that our front hall has come to resemble a dumping ground for everything I can’t find room for upstairs. Old strollers, barely used car seats, bags of new donation clothes, and paper piles crowd the area. A feeble attempt at an office is buried under this junk. There is nowhere to hang a coat or put a pair of shoes. Oh except for on the back of an unused stroller. Yep, the first thing you see when you walk in our door is this:


Today’s resolution is therefore another spring cleaning resolution: tidy and re-organize the front hall. I’m going to try to include the front hall closet in this but the success of this endeavour will depend greatly on the Budsie’s ability to nap for longer than 15 minutes. Wish me luck!

Update on previous resolutions: Awesome Thursdays have been a mixed bag…but today I’m going to make an awesome vegan hot & sour soup that is sure to perk me up. Homemade hot and sour soup + EH loveliness = Awesome Thursday!


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