apr 27: suitcase living ends with the vacation


So we’re back in O-town all relaxed after a whirlwind East coast family vacation. Ok, we’re not actually relaxed – impossible to be relaxed after spending five days whipping around showing the baby off to as much family as possible. But it was a good time. We visiting A.’s folks, aunts, uncles, grandfather, and of course Miss Knit’s shiny new baby, IC or Little Red as I shall henceforth refer to him. Staggering quantities of beer were consumed. Oh and I broke my McDonald’s rule, consuming my first McDonald’s burger in 10 years. Epic Diet Fail. Here’s to another 10, I say.

Anyway, when we arrived home last night, A. was good enough to immediately bring the suitcases downstairs to our bedroom. Argh, suitcases. This has got to be my least favourite part about vacations or travelling of any kind – the unpacking part. A. isn’t a fan either. And because of this, both of us have been known to continue to live out of suitcases for at least two weeks post-travelling experience. It’s not until the underwear and socks run out that I really feel it necessary to unpack the darn things. Even though I hate living out of suitcases, and even though I hate tripping over said suitcases in the morning, I apparently do not hate either of these things as much as I hate unpacking suitcases.

But it’s really rather silly to keep living out of suitcases when a mere 15 minutes could be dedicated to unpacking and getting it all over with. So that’s today’s resolution: unpack from vacation, including carry-on (my carry-on can stay packed for months – pathetic). I’m going to pop Budsie in the crib with some toys and have at ‘er. Furthermore, I’m going to put the suitcases away and NOT leave them out in the hallway to our bedroom where they would previously have remained until our next trip.

Update on previous resolutions: The Britax was tested out on the trip – resounding success. Also awesome? The shiny new umbrella stroller, a Guzzie + Guss that I can fold up with one hand while holding my massive child in the other. YAYA!


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