mar 17/18: ezmy resolves to…

…always, ALWAYS clean up mashed potatoes immediately after a meal of them with the Budsie. Seriously, who needs Krazy glue when you have leftover mashed potatoes? Budsie was doing potato artwork on our cheapy wooden Ikea kitchen table at lunch today when there was a diaper emergency. Well, you know how those go so by the time I got to the potato pictures, they had hardened into a decorative cement on the table. Four scrub sessions later and I’m still not sure I got it all. So diaper emergencies be damned – always clean up mashed potatoes first.

Oh yes and resolution number two? Try my hand at cooking Jerusalem artichokes. They arrived in the grocery order last week and I have no idea what to do with them. I believe Jamie Oliver has a recipe that could be made Budsie-friendly but I haven’t looked yet and the darn things are just sitting in the fridge getting sad. I must admit that I find new vegetables intimidating sometimes and these artichokes, with their peculiar shape (where to start peeling??) and tough-looking skin, are particularly striking. It doesn’t help that I’ve been generally uninspired in the kitchen lately. Making meals has become more chore than fun and I’m not sure why. Just a funk, likely, but irritating nonetheless.

Right, off I go to polish off the last of the wedding thank yous (!!) and then perhaps an early night? We shall see.


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