eco-ezmy, 1990:


by [Ezmy] age 10

The golden leopard walked to the tree where his pretty mate sat. “Did you find anymore?” she asked. “Nothing,” he replied, “Looks like we are the only ones in the entire jungle.” A sudden rustle in the bust interrupted their conversation. “I couldn’t help over hearing your sad discussion,” a voice said an a male lion came walking out of the bush. He was a yellowish colour. A large golden brown mane covered its face almost completely. “You seem to be an endangered species,” he said, sitting down in front of them. “A what?” the startled leopard asked. “Oh my,” said the lion even more startled than the two leopards had been, “No wonder there aren’t any of your kind left. People don’t have you down on the endangered species list.” He looked at them sadly. “Just what is an endangered species list and how do you get on one?” asked the puzzled female leopard. (As they keep on talking I think I’ll tell you their names. The two golden leopards are Jack and Juanita. The lion’s name is Manly. Right now Manly is explaining a plan to Jack and Juanita. Manly’s plan is that Jack should go to the nearest building with a note tied around his neck. If people read the note they will know that his species is endangered.) When Jack left he found he was in a very difficult situation. He was doing something to help. He also realized it was getting very dark. When he finally reached the edge of the jungle he found it very hard to see because it was so dark. He could just make out the shape of a building. He was sure it hadn’t been there before but for all he cared it was what he was looking for. He walked to the door and scratched at it. A tall woman answered. Behind her stood a herd of wild animals. The woman took the note off of Jack’s neck and read: HELP! I’M ENDANGERED AND THE ONLY ONE OF MY KIND! PUT ME ON THE ENDANGERED LIST QUICK! And thats how the golden leopard became an endangered species.

Awesome. Things to note:

*Juanita was my favourite girl’s name when I was 10 because a girl in my dance studio, who I thought was just way too hot, had the same name.

*I had clearly discovered the joy of brackets. You mean I can plug asides into all of my stories? Random tangents? Excellent.

*I had no idea how animals got on the endangered species list. However, I was pretty sure that I could convince the reader to think that I did and further, that I thought they did, and therefore I didn’t need to be bothered with the details.

*My idealistic hippy stage started right about this age. It became my jaded, sarcastic hippy stage in my twenties (after passing through a brief, and likely very annoying whatever-I- do-what-I-want stage in my late teens/early twenties).

This box of stuff is just plain hilarious.


One thought on “eco-ezmy, 1990:

  1. Hilarious!! Love that they needed a note since they can’t speak English, but that they can apparently write it ;) or maybe manly wrote the note for them :) so cute.

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