mar 13: ezmy resolves to…

…stop going to bed with mascara on. Holy raccoon eyes batman. My dark circles are bad enough in the morning. I needn’t amplify them with leftover Maybelline.

Even at my hippy dippy-est, I wore mascara. I have an eco-friendly brand that I usually buy but I was given some Great Lash in a gift pack and can’t let it go to waste (I love Great Lash Blackest Black – why oh why is this mascara bad for the environment/little bunnies?). Mascara and earrings make me feel human and are therefore non-negotiables. Even when I first had Ewan and was sleeping 45 minutes each day and adjusting to crazy baby times, I still took 2 minutes each morning to pick out a set of studs that matched my pjs, and to apply mascara.

But even though I wear mascara every day, I forget that I have it on and wake up far too often with raccoon eyes. I’d love to be one of those women who remembers or gets around to washing her entire face every night. The most I do is moisturize because if I didn’t do that periodically, I’d look like a dinosaur. But I know that falling asleep with makeup on can wreck my eyes and age me prematurely. So I resolve to get it all off each night. Incidentally, I think A. will enjoy this one. Frequently waking up next to a wife who looks like she punched herself in the face probably isn’t the awesomest thing ever. Ah marriage.


One thought on “mar 13: ezmy resolves to…

  1. What, you mean you don’t wake up in the morning with full on perfect make-up like they do in movies and TV? Huh…me neither. I wonder how they do that??

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