feb 19: ezmy resolves to…

…fix the downstairs toilet. Because I miss having two bathrooms. For 11 years, I lived perfectly content with one loo. And when we moved into this place, I figured I’d never even use the upstairs ‘guest loo’. What couple with a baby needs two bathrooms?

We do. Rather, I do.

The downstairs toilet is located in the bathroom with all the gear in it – tub, shower, hairdryer, make-up, etc. It busted a few weeks ago (yes, I’m lazy. You should know that by now). It’s a relatively easy fix – I need to replace the float ball assembly because somehow the screw that is used to control the tank water level broke off. I say “somehow” – what really happened was in my panic to stop the toilet from over-flowing one day, I yanked the float ball bar up too hard and snapped off the screw. Oops.

Now, we’ve been doing ok. But I really hate not having a loo in the same room as the other get-ready-for-the-day gear. Also irritating? Getting up in the middle of the night to use the loo, having to fumble around with a few different doors before falling into the hallway, tripping over the cat as I fall up the stairs, and then again as I fall down, trying to block the cat from tearing into our room, failing miserably and then trying to coax her out from under the bed by hissing ‘zoe!’ without waking up the kid at the end of our bed, waking up the kid, and then just giving up altogether and playing Sudoku for an hour while cuddling the kid back to sleep.

I don’t like this.

So today, A. is headed to Canadian Tire to pick up the necessary bits and bobs, and tonight I’m going to fix the toilet. Maybe I’ll bring Budsie in and show him how it’s done. Or how it’s not done, depending on how successful I am…


2 thoughts on “feb 19: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I’ve gotten used to two bathrooms, too, and have no idea how I ever lived with one!

    P.S. I noticed that your link to my blog is the rss feed. :)

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