A typical Friday night conversation between Ezmy and A.:

A. (playing video game): Here’s what I don’t understand. I have parachutes and then I don’t have parachutes. WTF?

Ezmy (writing on the couch):  What?

A.: Parachutes. I mean, where do they go?

Ezmy: Do you use them first?

A.: I use one once, and it goes away. But I also use none nonce, and they still go away.

Ezmy: nonce?

A. (ignoring Ezmy): Like why even have parachutes? I’m not buying parachutes anymore.

Ezmy: You purchased the parachutes?

A.: People don’t just give you parachutes, baby. You gots to buy them.

Ezmy: Oh, I thought maybe you came with parachutes.

A.: What?

Ezmy: You know. Like your guy comes with parachutes.

A.: People don’t come with anything, Ezmy. People are just people. They don’t “come with” parachutes.

Ezmy: Right.

*minutes pass*

A. (points to video game): Look at this guy, strutting around like the cock of nothing.

Ezmy: I love you.


3 thoughts on “friday

  1. “A.: People don’t just give you parachutes, baby. You gots to buy them.”

    This makes me feel like I’m sitting in your livingroom. And that is awesome.

    PS – I am considering a return to bloggy land – but is this a good idea? I must consider further. . . .

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