the missing resolutions…

Phew, what a day. The Budsie is still sick but he’s managing to sleep in his crib for the time being (which is great because after two nights of Kicky Kickerston, my poor battered body could use the break). Poor sod – all feverish with a red throat and flushed face. A funny thing about babies and getting sick though. So A. and I go to look up a few things we should be keeping an eye out for, you know, just in case this fever turns into something like small pox or autism. And one of the things to “look out for” is a sore throat. I’m sorry but what? How the hell are we supposed to know if his throat is sore? He’s eight months old for crying out loud. He can’t tell me anything and he certainly can’t point to his throat so as to demonstrate the location of his pain. Pfft.

(time out because kid woke up…sigh)

(later the next morning)

Anyway, so because of Budsie being sick, my daily resolutions had to be kind of small. Here they are though, in all their glory:

Feb 8: ezmy resolves to…

…put DVDs and CDs into their appropriate cases. What? I said they’d be small resolutions. But really, this isn’t small. We have an enormous DVD and CD collection. And I’m notorious for putting DVDs and CDs in whatever case is lying next to them, thinking to myself as I do it “don’t worry, you’ll definitely remember where you put *insert awesome CD/DVD* later.” I don’t. And just the other day, something tragic happened: I forgot where I had put my Queen: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD. Gasp! It took me two hours and many, many CD cases later to find this kick ass album. Something must be done. So I’ve now put the CDs and DVDs in the correct cases and resolve to keep them this way. A. will be thrilled. I think he was getting a little of tired of finding ’27 Dresses’ in the case for ‘Good Fellas’.

Feb 9: ezmy resolves to…

…find a place in this house to keep bus tickets. And then to always have bus tickets in said place. Yesterday, I was running around trying to get a sick baby ready for the bus to go to the doctor when I suddenly realized that a) I had bus tickets but b) had no idea where these blue paper gems were. Ten minutes, and one missed bus, of frantic searching later I found some in a couple of different coat pockets and in a pair of jeans. Cursed Past Ezmy, she will be the end of me. So now there is a spot for bus tickets. It’s next to the phone and the Get Fuzzy calendar, just in case you were interested.

Well, we’re caught up. I’ll post today’s resolution during the next nap. I actually haven’t decided what it will be yet. So many things to fix.



3 thoughts on “the missing resolutions…

  1. Put them in you wallet and your diaper bag! Past Radmama learned that lesson.
    I hear 5th disease is going around our province- maybe he’s getting that over with. poor lamb.

  2. Radmama: I hope he’s getting over it. Fever is back up again today. He’s in fantastic spirits but still…sigh.

    Brie: Bus tickets are crazy good at finding piles of paper to hide in aren’t they? And I just love Capital Mom. Lovely to hear from another Ottawa mother!

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