feb 10: ezmy resolves to…

…read books. Of the classics/greatest-books-of-all-time persuasion. I just don’t read enough good stuff anymore, in part because of Budsie but also because I’ve gotten so used to reading school books all day and night that I’ve lost my habit of reading fun books before bed. This morning I was tidying up my bedside table (read: chair – we really must get bedside tables) and I noticed that all of the books under it concern eco-citizenship and feminist theory. Riveting stuff. So today I cleared all of this away and left room for the trusty Vogue magazine and one classic novel. My goal is to read one classic novel per week for a grand total of 52 books by the end of this calendar year. For those of you paying attention, I’m behind by six books. Meh, I’m sure I can catch up.

Why classics you didn’t ask? I’m going with classics because there are a bunch of titles out there that I keep meaning to read. Like “Crime and Punishment”. or “Middlemarch”, or “Lolita”. Classics also appeal to me because most of them can be found at the library. And since Ezmy is unemployed (well, employed as Budsie’s mum but he only pays in poo and hugs, currency which is unlikely to get me far at the local bookshop), free library books are best.

I must also admit that this classics kick was prompted by that most popular of memes out there: the BBC book list. We’ve all seen this list in one form or another, as well as the BBC claim that most people have only read 6 of the 100 titles listed and yadayada (god, don’t get me started on how awful the English programs of some highschools must be if people are only covering six of these…you all needed Miss White, clearly). After perusing this list, I’ve decided it’s a crime that I’ve only read just over half of these titles. So this list will work as my base.

Now, arguably, the BBC book list is incomplete. I mean, what kind of greatest books booklist doesn’t include titles such as ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being” but does include “The Da Vinci Code”? And not all of the books are ‘classics’ per se. But I do so like lists (as I’m sure I’ve alluded to several times on this blog, checking things off lists ranks up there with long showers and coffee in terms of pure awesomeness for me). So I’ll replace Dan Brown with something else. I’m open to suggestions.

First up: ‘Love in the time of Cholera’, a book I’ve started once before but never finished because it failed to keep me awake during 3 am boobfeeding sessions and was therefore replaced with iPhone Sudoku and a re-read of The Deathly Hallows.


3 thoughts on “feb 10: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I love that book!

    My Kobo classics list is going well so far. Adventures of Huck Finn done and Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is 56% complete. I’m hoping to get 52 done this year too. But some are long so I don’t know. Do you have War and Peace on yours? That is not a 1 week-er.

    • I do. But I’m hoping that I’ll get to it during a week when Andrew is away or something (thereby leaving me heaps of time to read at night). Or that a couple of others won’t take me as long. We’ll just see I guess…

      How did you like Adventures of Huck Finn? I liked it. But you’re obviously a racist if you enjoyed this novel in its original form. :P

  2. Let me know about Love in the Time of Cholera … I’ve been meaning to read it forever. I’ve got the Kobo classics too, finally read Alice in Wonderland in its entirety and I was able to pass on my tattered Jane Austens to a cousin who hadn’t read them yet.

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