feb 4: ezmy resolves to…

…learn how to program her damn heater. If she can find the manual that is…*shuffles through box labeled ‘Manuals’, congratulates self on organization, then sighs when realizes that the heater manual is not in this now useless box*.

(time out to look for manual)

*realizes that there is an online manual! Sings praise for the interwebs once again*

Success – well, hopefully. I’ll find out tomorrow when I wake up to either a) a cozy condo, or b) a frigid igloo. But this resolution is indicative of a larger problem. I have no idea how to work ANYTHING in this house. I could make the excuse that when we moved in here I was super duper pregnant and on bed rest but really, I’ve been un-pregnant for awhile. I need to get on top of this house stuff.

Sometimes I really miss renting. Because when you’re renting, this stuff is not your problem. Renting is kind of like being famous – if something goes wrong in your place, you have people who take care of it. But owning means there is no perma-stoned landlord living in my basement to help me with my various household woes. Of course, owning also means that I don’t have to call an off-site landlord who might never show up to replace the refrigerator for the umpteenth time. Owning also means that I can do laundry all day long and into the night if I so choose. Ok, owning rocks.

But if I’m going to truly succeed at owning, I need to figure out how to use the heater and other appliances. I sense a number of resolutions along this line in the coming months.

*Update from yesterday’s post: yeah, the purple leggings have to go. I’m not sure what place in my life I was in when I purchased these, but they look like I felt in 2005 – pathetic and mismatched – so I’m assuming it was around this time. The addition of wicked boots did help them out but not enough to justify the closet real estate these leggings take up. I’m sure they will make someone else very happy.


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