feb 3: ezmy resolves to…

…put on pants. Every day. That it has taken me until February 3 to make this resolution is kind of sad. But as a stay-at-home mum with no car in a freezing cold city, I rarely have any real reason to put on pants. Occasionally, I do change from pajama pants to nicer looking pajama pants, but I don’t think that counts. The thing is, Budsie doesn’t care if I’m wearing pants. All he cares about is that I’m able to roll around on the floor with him and groove to Queen’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1, which of course I can do in boxer shorts and one of A.’s old university sweaters. But Budsie is not the only man in my life that I need to be thinking of. Poor A. probably doesn’t need to come home from a long day of bringing home the bacon to discover his wife consuming said bacon in the same pair of pajamas that she’s been wearing for a couple of days. He’d never say anything but I doubt it’s as sexy as I’m making it sound. And really, if I’m going to pretend to be working from home, I should probably dress the part. So long, daytime sweatpants. It’s been a slice. A nice, comfy, oh so cozy slice.

As part of this whole put on pants resolution, I’m also going to try to wear the clothes that I never wear. Like that white skirt in the back of my closet, the one that I got from a thrift store back in the spring of 2009 but still haven’t worn because it’s just too white. Or the red and cream flowery number that I can’t wear outside because one gust of wind and voila! Ezmy undies! Or that navy blue fitted T-shirt that never sees the light of day because it’s one of those shirts that shows sweat stains mere seconds after putting it on (don’t you HATE those shirts?). Or anything else in the back 1/3 of my closet. What better way to test drive these items again than in the comfort of my own home with only Budsie and A. to judge me.

So I’m going to wear these articles of clothing and make an effort to turn them into outfits. Because maybe I’m not giving them a chance to be brilliant. Maybe if I pair the too white skirt with something too dark, the contrast will look spiffy. And maybe those purple leggings that have been rolled up the back of my closet since 2007 just need a pair of wicked boots to make them come alive. However, if these efforts do not work (and I suspect that they will not in most cases), then these items are on a one way train to the Salvation Army. Today’s creation includes the flowery skirt and shirt noted above along with some navy blue tights that are a little worse for wear and a great pair of red flower earrings. The earrings will stay but I see a train ticket in the rest of this ensemble’s future…


2 thoughts on “feb 3: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I’m not exactly resolving to wear pants, but to simply ensure that I change into clothes that I didn’t just wear all night. I found that it actually improved my productivity. Still wearing comfy yoga pants and “inside shirt” all day, but at least it’s not what I wore to bed ;)

  2. On days when I feel like I am lacking motivation, I put on “real” pants to help kick myself in the bum. But, somedays I am just as productive wearing my yoga pants or even PJ pants, so fix something that ain’t broken?

    I can never see myself wearing tights or anything more than casual at home though. :P

    We should all invest in some yoga jeans!

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