>today’s mission:

>…to find a dress for my little brother’s wedding that does not a) make me look like a pre-teen baby mama (baby doll dresses are therefore out of the question), b) have sleeves (why on EARTH would I want sleeves on an evening dress that I will likely be dancing in and definitely be over-heating in??), or c) have giant stupid geometric prints, fake rayon/lycra sashes, random bows that sit on my stomach, or flowers on it (I’m not against all flowers, mind you, just stupid house-wifey looking ones. You know what I’m talking about).

This will be a challenge. Particularly as there are no cool maternity shops in O-town. Only Thyme Maternity which is not only a billion miles away from downtown, but is also the blandest shop I have EVER seen. It’s the Suzy Shier/Reitman’s of the maternity crowd. Lame with a capital ‘L’.

Part two of today’s mission is to find new shoes to go with said dress. I suspect the shoes will be the easy part. I’m in the market for a pair of nude coloured shoes, methinks. Spring-y and such.

So that’s today. Wish Ezmy luck.


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