>grumpy days and hungry days

Yesterday, I was super grumpy. And here’s why. First, I was at work on my lunch break and had to listen to someone try to convince me that “The Liberals” own all of the newspapers and that “The Liberal Media Bias” is all too real and threatening The Truth. Fuck – off. I instructed this douchebag to turn his attention to such conservative rags as the National Post and the Ottawa/Calgary/Toronto Sun where I’m sure he’ll find his version of The Truth, and then politely told him to go away. Next, I went to the midwife’s office to pick up some paperwork I need in order to get my negatory blood-type all fixed up for the kidlet. This involved me getting on a crowded city bus which just makes me grumpy because people push me around and I’m not enough of an ass to push back. Happily, someone did give up their seat for me. This happy moment carried me over until just after leaving the midwife’s office when I called a cab to come pick me up in an effort to avoid going back on a city bus that was going to take an hour to get me home. I waited 1 HOUR for the cab to show up. ONE HOUR!! Outside in the cold all seven months pregnant and uncomfortable. This is where the grumpy really started to kick in. Worse, I couldn’t even complain about it. Why? Because there is no one to complain to. And I can’t stop using this particular cab company because they have a virtual monopoly on the cab service in Ottawa. Blerg. The cab eventually arrived and I got in and decided to peruse the paperwork the midwife gave me concerning the shot. While doing this, I realize that I actually did not need to pick up this paperwork at all. I could have waited until my scheduled appointment next week. I was led to believe, see, that it was imperative that I get my WinRho shot now…it is not. It is not imperative for another two weeks. Which means this whole leaving work/city bus/wait a billion years for a cab thing could have been avoided. GODAMMIT. Then I get home to find that Andrew has also had a shitty afternoon which means there is little hope of him cheering me up. Boo.

I realize that this is all trivial. Earthquakes tearing the world apart, war on-going, children dying etc. etc. But in the small world of Pregnant Ezmy, little events can really pile up to make me grumpy, useless, and uninspired by the very thought of doing anything but lying in bed. Which is what I did. With a pizza. Nom.

Today is much better. What is interesting about today, though, is the fact that I am SO HUNGRY. Seriously. Right now, I could eat a shwarma wrapped in pad thai and poutine with a side of apple pie and I’d still be looking for more. There is food in the house, but it requires…effort. I have little of this to spare at present….sigh.


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