>Fialonia’s birthday

Rotten day on Monday. Thesis has stalled during the revising and concluding chapters process. I have no conclusion. Why? Because I do not care.

When things have got me this down, I retaliate with beverages. Thankfully, it was Fialonia’s birthday on Monday. Happy 22 to her! To celebrate, we went to the Blue Cactus (for all of you BC folk, it’s similar to Earls, Moxies, etc). And instead of opting for my usual pint of Guiness, I went with a mojito. Where has The Mojito been all my life?? Love. This. Beverage. Now, I didn’t go all nutty – I had one. But it was delish. Dangerously tasty in fact. Could have had 12 and not known it until I stood up. But I didn’t. *pats self on back*

Since Monday though, nothing has happened. I write, I delete, I write some more, I delete some more, I run and lift a few weights, and then I go back to the writing and deleting. I haven’t even been cooking anything interesting. My life is so exciting, I don’t know how I stand it.


3 thoughts on “>Fialonia’s birthday

  1. >I can relate: get up, go to job I hate, leave work, go to house. Change into work clothes. Begin smashing plaster and pulling laths. Carry to dumpster. Repeat.Go home, shower, sleep. Get up and do it all again. Meh. Being a grown up sucks.

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