>288 days = boo

>I have nothing to say. I’m just taking a moment away from revisions to moan and groan. I effing miss A.. I didn’t go on the last R&R, see, ’cause of the thesis and the niece and whatnot. And that means it’s been about three months since I’ve seen him and I have to wait another 3 1/2 weeks. Fack. You don’t really get how long three months is until you do it. And it’s been WAY too long since he left in the first place. Two hundred and eighty eight days to be exact. Boo. And maybe it would be different if I could just call him up and say ‘hallo!’ but I cannot. Because he’s in some tent in the middle of nowhere. I can’t say where, of course, but it’s a bloody long way away. Argh.

alkehgaeighlaeihafioefhaihf = my frustration.


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