>a quick little update

I haven’t been updating lately because I’m in Prince George, BC with my new (and first) niece! Freja Jean Livingstone Norrgard, 5 lbs of cuteness with the best blonde curly faux hawk I’ve ever seen. Prince George may be a hole but Freja Jean makes the visit totally worth it. Love – this – kid.

So I’ll write something more substantial when I get back next week but I thought you’d all be interested to know that I decided not to buy the dress. Indeed, I decided to avoid dress buying altogether for another couple of months. I just can’t be bothered. I’m kind of on the fence about buying one at all to be perfectly honest. Perhaps I could wear a nice white bikini instead. Or maybe a rockin’ hot pair of jeans with a white shirt of some kind and sparkly heels. Ooooh sparkly heels! Hmmm…


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