>I need some assistance

>So there’s this dress…. It’s a Vera Wang gown circa 2002. Pretty, no?

Here’s the stunning train…

And a nice picture of it hanging in all its Vera-ness.

And here is the stupid stain. The Stain is one of two reasons I am hesitating on purchasing this dress. It is an $8000.00 USD dress. And do you know how much the seller wants for it? $1250.00 USD. A $1250.00 Vera Wang Lux Collection dress. Just – wow.

So as I say, The Stain is one reason. The other reason is this – I’m not sure if I suit this dress. I mean I love it – it’s beautifully made, I love the design, I love the way it hangs, and honestly, I think I can work around the stain by taking out this part of the applique (it’s only on the lace…it’s an iron burn) and balancing it out on the other side of the train. But I didn’t picture myself in this dress…I think I pictured something more…I don’t know…funky? Funky but bridal…is that even possible?

But this dress is SUCH an amazing deal – even with alterations, total cost is going to be about $1600 for an $8000 gown. And it is stunning.

Help me decide!!


3 thoughts on “>I need some assistance

  1. >It is definitely fabulous – and a fantastic deal, but if you're hesitating, it's not the right one for you. I'd vote for something on the funkier side (and no white shoes. Even I, plain Miss Knit, went for metallic heels. Just sayin'.)I vote for funky!

  2. >Oh definitely no white shoes. I'm wearing $20 silver flats that lycradog gave me for our first anniversary :) still on fence. I mean I could make this funky with rockin' jewelry…but so much money! It's the price that's getting me down. I'm going to mull it over on the weekend, me thinks.

  3. >The dress is beautiful and you'd look gorgeous in it, but I think that if you're not absolutely sure that it suits you, you probably shouldn't get it. It's a good deal, but there are funkier dresses out there and $1600 is still a lot of money for something you're on the fence about.

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