>Spreading the word…

>So a guy I went to UVic with has gone missing. I haven’t seen Dan in years – he’s the guy you know while in residence but lose touch with once the toga parties, floor crawls and general chaos that is residence life is over. Pictures of him are peppered throughout my UVic scrapbooks – dressed as one of the Village People here, doing Absolut Lemon shots there. He had the best music list for rez parties, a wicked party room (bed held up by milk crates and spiffy lighting…that sort of thing), and one of those perfect rez guy personalities where you feel like you’ve known him for years when you have only known him for seconds. Dan took the first picture of me with a girl – the fantastic NW; to my knowledge, it is the only one that exists. He also taught me how to dance one wild night at a “Cluster” wine and cheese fiesta – at a party where everyone else was dressed in the typical over-sized dress shirt with jeans and cheesy tie, Dan was in a full on suit with bowler hat and cane. Excellent.

All in all, I find the news of his disappearance most troubling. So I’m posting the “gone missing” link to sort of spread the word to my good blogger buddies in BC, particularly the Vancouver area. Let’s hope he’s ok.


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