As promised, here is a picture of me with the shiny new specs. They are growing on me….

I haven’t been much for posting these past few days because I’ve been deep into the thesis-ing. My sister is having a baby, see, and I want to visit her and said baby in June without a giant thesis cloud hanging over my head. I’ve decided that sleep is for the weak. As is food, water, and relaxation. And anything else that society has told you that you “need” in order to survive. Pfft to society and their norms.

Seriously though, I’m stupid busy and I don’t like it. It’s sunny out and all I want to do is sit on my patio or go to a park and read a good book with an apple. Instead, I’m eating plain tofu with kale because it’s all I have left in the fridge and groaning over sentence structure and what the hell the “critical ecological feminist methodology” I claim to employ in my thesis actually means for my interpretation of green citizenship. Vomit.


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