>I cannot be expected to work in these conditions

This morning I woke up at 6:00am and was wide awake. I blame bootcamp (although I find it strange that during the week, I wake up late at 6:30 and have to run to bootcamp and the one day I don’t have it, I’m up at 6:00…but whatever). Anyway, I thought “great! I’ll get heaps of work done today!!” I got coffee and a bagel, and came back in just the right kind of writing mood. But my office was freezing!! I closed the window. Still freezing!! I wrapped myself in a blanket but then couldn’t write…blast!! At around 8:00, I gave up and went back to bed to warm up a bit and now here it is, noon, and I’m behind schedule. Double blast!! And it’s still cold, although tolerable.

There’s always something. If it’s not the bloody cold, then the cat has just vomitted on the floor. Or the other cat has eaten a bag of hair elastics and is leaving gifts all over the house. Or the coffee runs out. Or whatever. I just want to be left in peace, in a warm space, to write!! Is that too much to ask??

In other news, I did make a smashing soup last night but forgot to write down what I put in it. Triple blast! I’m making a mushroom pie tonight though. Food post tomorrow. If it’s good. Which it won’t be because today is a “Blast!” day.


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