>ezmy goes to bootcamp

So once again, I do not feel that last night’s recipe makes the cut for recipe posting. It was good, but kind of meh. I have high hopes for tonight though. Anything with bok choy and rice MUST be good.

Last night, I decided to register for boot camp classes. You know, take this shit to another level!! Ahem, right. So anyway this felt like a super good idea last night. At midnight. I’ve been doing pretty well with the healthy eating and walking for an hour and a bit each day and lifting my little 10 lb weights and what not but I think it’s time for a more serious commitment on the exercise front. I want rock hard abs and buns of steel! So I signed up for boot camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings…classes starting at 7am. I also signed up for “Butt and Gut” classes for Tuesday and Thursday mornings…classing starting at 7am….

Midnight Ezmy is clearly crazy and should not be allowed to do anything but read and sleep. Ah well. Stay tuned for pain posts. Tales from the boot camp. Tales from the ‘butt and gut’ (that sounds gross).



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