>deja vu

Another somewhat disappointing recipe yesterday – mostly my fault as I did not buy enough shitake mushrooms – so no recipe post today. Worse, I think I’m repeat posting a blog picture (see thesis writing posts in 2006). But that can’t be helped. This is what I’m doing right now. Having almost completed my introduction and my literature review chapter, I now have to face the dreaded third chapter. You know, the one where I explain why I’m right and everyone else is wrong. Yikes. So I’m distracting myself by making pretty outlines, like the one above. Outlines give me a sense of peace. They are comforting and they make me feel accomplished.



One thought on “>deja vu

  1. >Outlines are good. Lists are good. They seem to make things suck less. So does chocolate. Go have a treat, you’ll feel better. Better yet, get a silly bridal magazine and some chocolate. Good times.

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