>Spiacente, non parlo italiano. Avete di tofu?


Right, so I won’t be posting for a week because I’m off to Italy to see A.!! Yayaya! Above is my new I’m-going-to-Italy haircut (stay tuned for posts on the horrors of bangs…I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself). And above that picture is a picture of my new I’m-going-to-Italy shoes. Not vegan but I really needed sandles and these are, well, pretty!! :P

stay tuned for tales of Florence, Venice, and Rome. :D

4 thoughts on “>Spiacente, non parlo italiano. Avete di tofu?

  1. >Very nice going to Italy hair! I find it more of a challenge to find non-leather shoes, although I am not THAT particular about it. Maybe its time Matt&Nat makes shoes, because their vegan friendly purses are just so darn lovely.

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