>i went to italy and all i got was this splendid diamond ring

So I’m back! Italy totally rocks my socks. Staying vegan was next to impossible but I managed to pull off vegetarian at almost all of my meals (bacon managed to sneak its way in to my pasta at various points). The place we stayed in was just gorgeous – 17th century cottage about a half hour outside of Florence. The driving was beyond stupid. To paraphrase A.: ‘what kind of sociopath drives like that and then goes home and eats and sleeps like a regular human being?’ The leaning tower is still leaning with the help of constant attention by engineers and architects (this is one of the silliest things to me…someone builds a crap tower and the Italian people pay to keep it leaning…sigh). The wine was just – awesome. And cheap. And everywhere. Time for a detox, me thinks.

But the big news is that A. proposed. For reals. It was lovely. The proposal was romantic but not cheesy and the ring is, well, the awesomest thing ever. I am still not used to the idea but not in a bad way, just in a whoa-totally-didn’t-see-that-life-event-coming kinda way. I’m thrilled. So the next year will be spent planning a wedding (egad, planning!) and working on a phd…should be interesting.



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