>messy weekend

I’m not going to lie – it’s been a rough weekend. First, that silly cold just would not go away. It’s gone now but I nearly drowned myself in lemon/ginger water. What didn’t help? Recent diagnosis of potential endometriosis. I say “potential” because I need a laparoscopy to determine for sure but, well, according to the doctor, there’s not much else it could be. Awesome times.

Faced with the notion that my reproductive years may be dwindling/gone, I did the most sensible thing: I drank. Alone. And ate cheese. This did NOT help the cold, although it did temporarily distract from the sniffles. And I suspect that my uterus was displeased by these proceedings – I know my stomach certainly was. The only bonus to the weekend really was that I got a heap of work done because I needed to distract myself. So the thesis is coming along nicely even if other things (my diet, my reproductive capacity) are not.

The thing is, everything is going to be totally fine (a fact I knew most of the weekend but chose to ignore because sinking into the depths is comforting). I have plenty of options should I decide to have kidlets and odds are (given previous evidence of my fertility) that my uterus remains a reasonably hospitable place to house fetuses. But no one likes to hear that things aren’t working properly and no one likes to hear that they are getting older, even if older is only 29. What I really need at times like these is a) a louder sensible voice in my head that is able to overpower Crazy Ezmy and b) A. to remind me that cheese = bad. Sigh.

Ah well. I’m back on track today. I’ve exercised for twice as long today to compensate for the last couple of days and I am back to eating my usual 7 servings of leafy greens with seeds and fruit and nuts and pulses. All is well. I remain irritated at my apparent lack of self-control following inconvenient news, but I can’t beat myself up over it.

I will post a dinner recipe later on, although I don’t think I’ll have a picture…I’ve run out of batteries for my camera. Next green purchase: rechargable batteries.


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