>A. saturdays

I miss A.. Especially on Saturdays. Saturdays, see, were the days when A. and I would max out around the house and do nothing. Read the paper, drink too much coffee, maybe go to Carmen’s for brunch, but really do nothing.

Everyday is kind of like Saturday for me I suppose in the sense that all of my days are the same: I wake up, drink coffee, and read books. But I miss A. Saturdays.


(Stay tuned for a dinner post tonight…if it turns out. Teaser: peanut butter and tomato juice)


One thought on “>A. saturdays

  1. >I miss lycradog too – which is weird as we do not live in the same city (or province for that matter). I miss smarm and watching epic games of Risk whilst the beercans pile up. When he gets home, you guys should come visit (besdies the obligatory wedding hoopla I mean). And I figured out how to add you to my blog. I’m so smart.

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