>Healthy Ezmy is back…on a Midnight Train going anywhere

A couple of night ago, I went to Zaphod’s bar, which is most definitely the coolest dance bar in Ottawa (admittedly, this isn’t saying much…Ottawa is the slowest town around). I had a wicked good time with Fialonia, NM, and AP. And then ‘Midnight Train’ came on and things got all kinds of better. I know, I know, how can Journey make things better? I don’t know. Something about the whole bar deciding to sing/shout the lyrics, and something about AP’s groovy dice-rolling moves (just one more time!), made for an awesome time. And I thought to myself: I wish I could freeze happiness like this for later use. You know, for when I’m 65 and worrying about the fact that I have no pension due to a lifetime spent in schoool. For those times, I want Journey nights.

In other news, I’ve discovered a new, totally awesome vegan treat that you all must try. I was lamenting the lack of chocolate bars in my life when I happened across an idea on some website that I would note here but can’t remember. It gave me this idea: Take one banana, peel, coat in cocoa powder (obviously pure cocoa powder, not some dairy+ junk), and then coat in chopped almonds/peanuts (I’m more of an almond fan myself, but I can imagine that peanuts are pretty cool). Store in freezer for a few hours and then oh the frozen treat you’ll have!! Be careful with your first bite. Someone I know (ahem, me) suffered some uber serious brain freeze a little while ago.

-healthy ezmy


3 thoughts on “>Healthy Ezmy is back…on a Midnight Train going anywhere

  1. >Zaphod’s is still open??? When I lived there, I was too young to get in. that’s a longlived bar!Treat sounds good. And gluten free! Baby J needs me to be all about the gluten free.

  2. >If you like goldfish I should send you the vegan version of my recipe. They are a tasty tasty treat. And by tasty I mean good to eat a huge quantity of when trying to write papers for school.

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