>Alone for the year.


So l-dog has gone away for work, leaving me here to experience life sans partner for one year. Day three: it sucks. But it’s a different kind of sucks from say, just got dumped sucks. I mean, at least I know he’s coming back (unless some foreign woman manages to seduce him with her…foreignness. God now that would REALLY suck. Stop thinking about that). It’s the kind of sucks where I’m wandering about all lost. Which is not to say that I don’t have friends/work/etc to keep me busy. There’s just something missing….well, a number of things really. The witty banter for one. The continuous stream of inside jokes for another. Zoe dances for a third. Sex for a very important fourth. And the list goes on.

The funny thing is, there was always a time in my previous relationships where I just wanted them to go away for awhile. Who the hell am I kidding – in my last relationship I always wanted him to go away for awhile. And now here I am, with a free year all to myself, and I’m just not into it. And to add insult to injury, I am, for once, in a relationship that allows me certain…privileges if you will and I’m not taking advantage of it. I’m too busy moping about the house, watching cheesy movies and writing bad essays about ecological citizenship to be bothered with seeking out new adventures. Pathetic.

Right, so tomorrow’s task: stop moping. Friday’s task: get out of the house (groceries and exercise don’t count).


3 thoughts on “>Alone for the year.

  1. >I experienced the exact same thing last year and it was severely difficult at first. But things will get better, I promise you. Great blog by the way.

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